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 Our focus is on providing services that promote active aging at home.


We understand that each individual has a unique profile of function, cognitive status, social environment, and medical conditions. Our aim is for people to age as well as they can; for older people to achieve the best possible outcomes using a variety of interventions designed to improve function and increase health assets.


  Services for Private Clients:  

   •  Private nursing care in your home 

   •  Comprehensive assessment of your physical and cognitive health conducted by Registered Nurses

         in your own home. 

   •  Fall Risk/Balance assessment - a thorough review of your ability to function at home from the perspective             of your everyday movement patterns. 

​   •  Development of a personalized care plan, based on Registered Nurse assessments,                                              that is coordinated and comprehensive.

    •  Assistance in coordinating medical appointments and understanding medications.    

    •  On-going monitoring of your care to provide you and your family periodic reports aimed at                                   avoiding “crisis” situations and repeated hospitalizations.


Older adults are not all alike. Working with us, you get to decide what is important to you as you enter the next stage of your life. We are here to support you because we believe you can continue to enjoy what you value - on your own terms.

Now accepting private clients in Vermont.

For more information, and to schedule a complimentary, in-home introductory visit, contact us today via phone or email.  Contact information below.

  Services for Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals:  

   • At ActiveAgingVermont, we offer training opportunities for caregivers, and clients including

workshops on Fall Prevention, Balance Improvement, and Safe Living at Home - all designed

to build on strength and maximize health assets.

    • We also offer Active Aging educational opportunities to businesses and organizations                           within our community.

For more information about Active Aging Vermont working with your business, contact us today

via phone or email. Contact information below.

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